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What is Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra?

I have been a student of the Sacred Sensual Healing arts since 2009. In both 2009 and 2010, I took an extensive course in Sexological Body work.  Then I started studying Tantra in 2014.  In December of 2018, I completed the Source School of Tantra Certified Tantra Educator course.  I've learned so much in these courses and am excited to share with you all the sensuous things I've learned.

Many people have emailed me and asked "What exactly is Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra?" Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra is inclusive of a lot of things, but I will answer the question “What is Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra?” in relation to how I include tantra in my professional sessions.

I use Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra as a sensual healing modality to bring more consciousness and the healing energy of love into your body.

One of the things we will do at the beginning of your session is set a healing intention for that session. I will ask you, “What would you like to bring into your life?” and “What would you like to let go of?”

Some of the things my previous clients have said that they'd like to bring into their lives are more confidence, laughter, joy, a greater connection with their body and their sensuality, a greater connection with their spirituality, and the ability to stay in the present moment. Other clients have said they wanted to bring in a new life circumstance such as a new job or a new beloved. You get to decide what it is that you would like to bring into your life, and it can be anything that resonates with you.

Things that previous clients have stated they'd like to let go of are: shame, guilt, lack of self-confidence, insecurity, anger, depression, an attachment to an old relationship and/or a broken heart. Again, it can be anything that resonates with you.

Then we will go over our boundaries, fears and desires. When I first ask clients what their boundaries are, they don’t always know off the top of their heads, so they might say that they don’t have any boundaries. But that’s not true. We all have boundaries even if we don’t know what they are yet. At the beginning of each session I will ask you some questions that will help you discover some of your boundaries. Then I invite you to stay conscious and present during your session and if you come upon a boundary, please let me know. It could be something as simple as the fact that you don’t like your feet touched.

In sharing your fears, you might share about the fears you have in regards to the session, or perhaps fears that you're dealing with in your life. This is an opportunity to have your fears heard and honored, so that they can begin to be healed.

And when sharing your desires, it can be what you desire for this session, or it can be what you desire in your life. It can be whatever comes up for you in that moment.

My desire for our session is that I am fully present with you in each moment, and that I create a safe container for you to have a wonderful sensual healing experience.

Another aspect of Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra is breathing and sounding. During your session, you will be encouraged to breathe deeply and make any sounds that express how you feel. Both breath and sound help to carry the pleasure all over your body and also help to intensify your feelings of pleasure.

Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra is also about opening up your chakras. We especially focus on connecting your heart chakra with your sensual chakra. Chakras are energy centers in the body and when you fire up the sensual chakra, it fuels the rest of your chakras above it. It’s very healing and energizing. You don’t have to know anything about chakras in order for your healing to be effective. It will happen automatically.

One of the most powerful aspects of Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra is sharing the energy of love. As I am sensually touching your body, I am bringing the energy of love from my heart chakra and allowing it to flow down through my hands into your body. It is a very powerful healer. Sharing the energy of love is different than sharing the emotion of love. The emotion of love is what you share with your beloved. But the energy of love can be freely shared with anyone who comes across your path. I have a great capacity for the energy of unconditional love and acceptance. When you are in a session with me, you will feel that beautiful energy of love and it is very nurturing and healing. It is my intention to provide a safe container where you can relax and receive the energy of love.

Another possible Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra lesson that we may bring into our session, if you are a man, is learning ejaculatory control. I can share techniques with you that can help you to bring more consciousness into your body and help you to extend your pleasure by learning techniques on how to control your ejaculation.

One of the things that I've learned from studying Sacred Sensual Healing/Tantra is the powerful concept of separating giving from receiving while doing my professional sessions. In today's society, men rarely get the chance to just relax and receive. They've been taught that they need to focus on making the woman feel good. While this is a noble intention, it has been warped into men focusing on their performance and attaching it to their self-worth, and they often end up feeling inadequate. One of the things that can make a man learn to be a better giver, is to first learn how to be an exquisite receiver. In our sessions, you will be invited to let go of all notions of performing and letting go of all performance goals. You will be invited to just relax and receive and learn how to be an exquisite receiver.

If all of this sounds good to you, then I encourage you to fill out the appointment request form and let me take you on a conscious sensual journey that will enrich your life and take your pleasure to a deeper level than ever before.

If you're new to tantra and/or new to seeing a sensual provider, I encourage you to read my page "For the Newbie".

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