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Are you pondering reaching out and meeting Keisha? Well, no matter how robust your imagination may be, it falls short of the real thing, so stop pondering and make the move!. I enjoyed over two blissful hours with Keisha, I added more time while in the session, I could not leave her. A preset phone convo started the process (so nice, sets the stage and gets the blood warm), then a wave from her balcony directed me to her abode. I was greeted with her big smile, hugs and kisses, Keisha was decked in a glorious new white custom fitted gown. We sat and chatted, then I took a lovely shower in preparation of her Sacred Sensual Therapy. Keisha loves her work, and is quite serious about it. I first lay on my stomach and she began her onslaught of passion and caring to my body and mind; so many touches, massages and ways of doing so, my body reacted as if a lightening rod was energizing me, so wonderful and relaxing, then I flipped over for more. We shared all of our senses, feeling the energy rising between us and working off of it, giving and receiving. I savored every minute, and wondrously, Keisha seemed to truly share in the enjoyment of pampering me. We ended cuddling, her head on my shoulder, talking and laughing; a fully exuberant therapy session. Thank you my dear, lovely, amazing Keisha, a true queen among women.

I had the pleasure of meeting Keisha. I was immediately drawn to Keisha’s beauty – especially that smiling, joyful face. Looking further and seeing that she is a pornstar (so captivated by her photo - missed the name PornStar Keisha!) did make me pause. Being new to this I was really concerned that I would be too nervous with her, but reading her very informative website alleviated much of that concern, and you learn about other wonderful aspects of Keisha - e.g. Tantra Educator, teacher, sexuality coach. 

Part of her booking process is a ‘get acquainted’ phone call after setting up an appointment. That phone call removed any remaining doubt. Keisha has such a soothing, friendly voice and is very down to earth. Just made me want to meet her in person even more so. What followed was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience.

After a couple of other great experiences in their own right I can say with a little more credibility that being with Keisha was a unique and special experience. The many great reviews on both her website so well deserved by this special lady certainly attest to that. I'm so glad that I got to savor "The Keisha Experience".  

The day of the appointment arrived. I parked in the spot for her guests. She gave directions to walk to her place. There on the balcony was Keisha -waving. Even from a distance her endearing smile is captivating. Finally made it to her door. Meeting Keisha up close I was struck by (as said in other reviews) how much more beautiful she is in person. And her eyes – so vibrant - so full of life. 

After a hug and kiss it was off to the shower. Her detailed instructions on the shower and cleaning were unique and actually exciting. Then on to her bed.

Then we sat and talked for a while. She explains her sensual massage technique and then wants to know what you would like. I was shy and reserved about this, but she is very open, very direct but somehow very sweet about it as well. I managed to tell her what I really enjoy. She explains what she likes. This was such an amazing turn on. What an ice breaker! 

Keisha then arranged me on the bed face down and began a sensual full body hot oil massage. Her soft hands massaging from head to toe and everything in between was an incredible experience. Her bedroom setting adds so much to this. The lighting, décor and background music create an ambiance that does so much to enhance what was somehow both relaxing and exceptionally erotic.

From there things flowed to where I am on my back looking at those mesmerizing eyes. It was heaven. She was very nurturing and that just made it all so enjoyable. Such a great view! She felt so good! This and the buildup from the entire session led to one of the most intense experiences I have ever had.

After, we hung out an talked a bit. During this part and throughout she is very open in sharing things in her life and her experiences. Keisha is extremely interesting to talk to. She is very intelligent, yet not in any way intimidating. Connectiong with such a beautiful woman, I was surprised I was able to put complete sentences together. Yet it was so easy to talk her.

After a shower it was time to leave. As she walked me to the door she parts with a warm, loving hug and kind words. It leaves one thinking what an amazing world to have such a woman in it!

Keisha is such an incredible fusion of intense sexuality, healer, teacher, spirituality and intellect, intermixed with her great sense of humor. But what I found equally compelling about Keisha is just what nice person she is.

It was a privilege and honor to spend time with Keisha. I certainly hope to see her again!


Keisha is the pro of pros. She creates an erotic adult playground and will deliver on all your sensual desires. She is attractive, super clean, will take her time to get to know what you desire and then look to exceed your expectations. She is mature, funny, and has the skills to satisfy even the most critical clients. I would recommend, as she offers an incredible service, very good value, and knows expert level technique

I spent 2 hours with Keisha. She has a great, free-spirit attitude that quickly relaxes you. After arriving, Keisha showed me the facilities and I took a nice shower. Upon entering the bedroom/temple of sensuality, we talked about my sensual desires and she is very comfortable with her sensuality. As a former Porn Star, Keisha has the skills to prove it. I explored and spent plenty of time playing. Keisha massaged me with heated organic coconut oil. Her sensual skills are expert level and she does what I would describe as worship. She spoils you with her technique. Keisha looks very good and it was a great time.


I been meaning to see Keisha for a while so I finally decided to book an appointment. As soon as I emailed her I was contacted by her assistance, Heather, soon after I submitted my application. Her assistant was very courteous on my emails and she promptly answered all my questions. The entire process was a two call system and the verification procedure went fairly quick.

When I arrived Keisha was dressed in a beautiful red and black lingerie (coincidentally, my favorite colors). She was beautiful inside and out.

She proceed to show my way in and told me to take a quick shower before our fun begins. Once I was out of the shower and we started talking I could feel a strong connection with her. It was like chatting with a close friend. Keisha not only is an excellent provider but she is great as a person. She is very intelligent, and anybody can tell she has a deep interest in human sexuality and how it relates to both our mind and body. She strives to provide a whole body experience not just for our body but for our soul/mind as well and is very attentive to all her clients needs.

She gave me a very sensuous hot oil massage. Her skill is amazing and I felt like I was in heaven. I couldn't help but constantly admire her body.

She wants her clients to enjoy the experience and take their time. Keisha showed me how healing sensuality can be as I felt all my worries just melt away in her sensuous beauty. I will certainly come back again.


Keisha has been a fantasy of mine for years. The planets aligned this past week and my dream was realized! Keisha has a wonderful assistant named Heather who answered my email inquiry. The process was easy and didn't take long. When I arrived at the door, my living fantasy was waiting for me looking absolutely amazing. After a wonderful embrace and formalities out of the way, I was directed to her shower to freshen up. Like everything Keisha does, the bathroom was immaculate and I felt right at home. When I exited the bathroom, a goddess was waiting for me. Like so many have said before, she makes you feel like a long lost friend and lover instantly. Her intelligence, compassion, and sexuality are simply unmatched by anyone else I have experienced in the hobby. Keisha asked me to lay down on my stomach, and she proceeded to give me the most exquisite, slow, sensuous massage I've ever had. She took her time and made every touch feel like magic. Gradually it was time for me to turn over. Everything we did was the best I've ever experienced. After having lots of fun, we relaxed and just talked. And that was almost as enjoyable as the other activities. I can't imagine anyone who reads these reviews to doubt that a trip to see Keisha will be the best experience of your life!


Very easy to set up appointment. I emailed her and she responded very quickly. Her bubbly and warm personality told me I picked the right one for me. I was impressed that she requested a personal phone call, as discretion and communication is of utmost importance to me. She was very easy and fun to talk to. If you're like me, and enjoy the personal as much as the physical connection, then she is right for you. But don't make the mistake of thinking her intelligence overshadows her sexual prowess. This is a real woman, in every possible way.

Upon entering, Keisha just has this glow about her that makes you feel at ease. She is a natural beauty and her face is flawless. Personally, I was really drawn into her personality and her good looks were just icing on the cake. Keisha has a great setup and makes it very comfortable once you enter her place. Her shower request was right up my alley, as I take personal grooming very seriously and I was glad she did, as well. During my shower session, we carried on with fun conversation. Again, she is very enjoyable to talk to and you'd be cheating yourself if you missed out on that side of her.

After I got all showered up, she greeted me with a nice glass of water and asked me to sit down on the bed. From that point forward, she pleased me in every way I desired. She also seemed to really enjoyed it. She's not afraid to tell you what she likes (if you're open to it) and I rather enjoyed that part of her. In between all the fun, we carried on with great conversation and had some good laughs. She has a natural sense at knowing how to please; my experience tells me that this is a pretty rare trait.

She was fully engaged from the very beginning and made me feel like our session was the only thing going on in the world.

I would very highly recommend her for anyone who prefers a woman who is: warm, sexy, kind, bubbly, intelligent, sensual, mature, knows what she likes, responsive, personable, spiritual and all-pleasing. Who wouldn't want that?


Keisha is someone who has caught my attention for quite some time. I perused her profile, reviews and other info several times. I decided to give her a try and see what might develop. I did not have any particular expectations, I generally go into each encounter with an open mind and agenda. I enjoy the unexpected and the unrehearsed, unplanned visit.

In this case I was overjoyed with numerous surprises and enjoyments. I contacted Keisha through her assistant and quickly received a courteous, professional reply. Later I was given a phone number to call Keisha in advance and have a brief telephone conversation. The phone call resulted in many unexpected things. What an interesting, intelligent and exciting conversation we shared. It covered numerous topics of vastly differing subjects than might have been expected. We just seemed to make a connection. We did talk about of scheduled meeting but now it had a broader appeal for both of us. We mutually decided to extend the planned meeting and I am glad we did.

When I arrived at Keisha's attractive incall I was greeted by an alluring beauty that was seductively attired and who had a hither to gleam in her eye. Connect we did.

After a welcome shower I met Keisha on the bed for a sensuous massage. She tantalizes me with her magnificence and gently caressed me. Her silky smooth fingers teased and excited all the correct nerve endings. Once I turned over I was able to take in her beauty and magical body.

Everything you see in the pictures is there and true but the most compelling attributes Keisha has are her intellect, personality and spirit.

It is the whole package that is Keisha's that intrigues me and drives my desire to visit her again. A very, very nice LADY...


My session with Keisha is one that will stay with me forever. If I lived in LA, I would make a trip to Keisha monthly to discover new delights. But alas I can’t. I live in Australia. And when I knew I would be jetting over to visit a friend, I knew I had to see Keisha.

You see as an avid fan, I knew she offered this service. I’d been watching and waiting for new Keisha movies to be released since her early Body Music days (late 1980’s). And now, as she grew older with me, I knew this was how she rewarded loyal enthusiasts.

As soon as I booked my airline ticket two months prior, I booked a meeting. Locking in what would be an affair to remember. Once in LA, making contact was easy via email and phone – even though we played a little phone tennis at the start we finally spoke and arranged easy instructions to reach her apartment.

Once there, and as soon as I walked in the door, I knew this would be special. There she was. Keisha. My favourite star. My blue movie buddy. My cougar, my mature maiden.

And what I would discover, was a woman that is beyond all that porn nonsense you think you know her for.

Our emails prior to meeting had mentioned my eagerness to meet her, and she could tell I was happy to be there. We chatted about my flight over, where I was from and of course, the accent. She showed me to a shower so I could freshen up whilst she did the same.

I returned to the bedroom in a robe to find Keisha on the bed. I joined her on the bed. I felt at ease all ready and Keisha invited me to lie face down, explaining how she loves to give, and create an experience that’s not only pleasure driven, but mentally focused too. This begins by turning your mind on through a sensual massage. Face down, Keisha began to rub my legs, feet and commented on the desirability of my body. These little words were enough to start the twinkle down below. More than just a massage, Keisha used a soft wrap to gently sway over my body, further heightening every sensation to follow.

Kneeling down, she began to use that wild hair we all know and love to tingle my nerves. As she dragged it up and down my body.

If you’ve read her website and reviews you know Keisha likes to keep fit...

At the end of our amazing session, we chatted some more as we lay close together in an embrace, rubbing and touching each other’s bodies as we talked. I won’t go into the conversation because it’s private. And that’s another great quality with Keisha. She really wants to get to know you, which makes the connection stronger and the sensuality more amazing.

Now I’m sure all of you who know Keisha are fans of her body. The curves, the roundness are what makes her complete. Her ass is no exception. Looking down at those round cheeks, she has a tan line that almost invites you in....

There’s a final word I’d like to add. Even though the details my encounter with Keisha may read like a porno (you can read the full version of this review on The Erotic Review), time spent with Keisha is nothing like it. She is an amazing woman. Kind, caring and switched on. Our time together, and memories that linger, were far from the porn scenes that had attracted me to her in the first place. And for that, I am forever grateful.

This truly was a once in a lifetime experience and all I could have hoped for.


I have dreamed of a session with Keisha for some time, but honestly was a bit intimidated by the idea of an encounter with a porn star. Finally worked up the courage to contact her and realized how foolish I was for delaying this trip to heaven. She makes the entire process - from initial contact to the kiss goodbye - all about providing the ultimate in guest satisfaction. And she is exactly the type of woman I adore. Sexy, confident, and mature enough to know a thing or two about life before the age of the iPhone.

I submitted my request through her website, was promptly responded to, and within a day had scheduled my visit. We had a brief chat on the phone to get to know each other. I arrived at her location, was given directions to her place, and was met at the door by a warm and beautiful woman who took me by the hand and escorted me to my own personal 90 minutes of bliss. Will have to schedule 2 hours next time. 90 minutes seemed to fly by way too fast!

Keisha began by leading me back to her bedroom. Her bed is draped in sheer curtains and the lighting in the room is soft. The ambience is designed to put you at ease and provide a hint at the sensuality to come. She suggests a shower, provides mouthwash, waits patiently for you while you prepare.

Her blog talks about allowing yourself to enjoy the session with her and to let her please you. I had made up my mind going in that I would follow her lead and allow myself to be selfish, as she suggests. I think she must know what she's talking about as the payoff of this approach is tremendous.

We started with some brief conversation, and she shared some pictures of her performing trapeeze work. OK - now I'm really impressed! Keisha starts by letting me watch her undress - and it's like unwrapping your favorite Xmas gift. You can't believe that's all for you!

She stretched me out on the bed and began a wonderfully sensual body massage. The tactile experience of this massage is not to be missed....

The entire time I was with her, I felt completely at ease and in the company of a friend who just wanted to please me. This is all any of us can ask for. I will definitely be back!


Like many who have seen Keisha, I've been a fan since she entered the adult film industry in the mid 80's. That incredible body combined with the sparkle in her eyes and of course her performance really did it for me.

When I saw that she was offering a Happy Hour Special that was within my reach, I decided to take the plunge.

Booking was easy with Keisha's very efficient assistant. All communication was done via e-mail and phone. Screening done quickly and then Keisha calls you at an agreed upon time for a short pre-session chat. All very pleasant.

Headed on out to a large, but easy to navigate apartment complex in the WSFV. Called upon arrival and Keisha opened the gate to the parking lot where she has a space for guests. She then guided me to her apartment where I saw her on the balcony waving to me. She opened the door and fulfilled a fantasy that exceeded expectations.

Keisha was dressed in a bikini with a sheer robe. Greeted me with a hug and a kiss. We had a nice chat. Showed me photos of her newest passion, trapeze work. Then she showed me to the shower, with a place to hang my clothes and a robe to use when I finished. Keisha looks great, btw. No bad habits and she hits the gym. Her reviews speak for themselves. … We had time for some cuddle and convo afterwards.

One of the best sessions I've had. Keisha is a very special lady. I'd repeat for sure.

She has a great web site that pretty much tells you everything you would want to know.


As a lifelong fan, I decided to take the plunge with her happy hour offer. I submitted the form and was impressed with the prompt and efficient response by her assistant Heather. I followed the directions and instructions and once in the complex, I was told to head towards her unit and she would be on the balcony to make it easier. What a stunning vision....

Keisha put me at ease once inside and asked me to take a shower, taking care to show me the towels and how to work the shower.

My heart was racing and it seemed almost surreal to be in her presence. Her apartment was lit with candles, soft music, and her demeanor makes you feel comfortable and at home. She exudes sexuality and sensuality.

She invited me onto the bed for a massage which was quite relaxing and arousing...I couldn't wait to turn over and kept trying to peek behind me for a glimpse of this beautiful creature.

After an amazing time together, we had an engaging conversation about health and spirituality, She is a very intelligent, enlightened human being that is a pleasure to just be with.

I could not believe the experience was real. What a woman. I had admired so often in her movies.

A gorgeous goddess, who is a professional and will meet your every need and expectation.

I couldn't recommend her more highly.


I have always been a fan of Keisha since I started to watch porn. She had travel and toured in the past, but now she stays locally in the L.A. area. I had a trip planned to L.A. for business to see some friends so I took advantage of the opportunity of being there to make sure that I booked something with her. Booking was a breeze through Keisha's assistant. I saw Keisha on her balcony and was taken aback by how naturally pretty she was. She let me into her very cozy apartment and the fun began.

When I walked in I was greeted with a warm hug. Keisha is in her mid-40's but has great skin, beautiful hair, and has aged extremely well. She led me to a bedroom that was dark but lit with some mood lighting and then she went to the bathroom and came out in a beautiful sexy silk robe.

I could tell that she was genuinely enjoying herself which made the moment that much more intimate. We then took a break and chatted about life, traveling, her studies and many other topics. Conversation was so casual and easy that it made me not want to leave.

I never felt rushed and the session ended naturally, and we chatted some more before I was on my way. She has a terrific energy and is one of the best providers that I have ever seen and it felt as if this sexy cougar by the pool and it naturally progressed to her cozy apartment. I will definitely see her again when I have the opportunity next in L.A.


Setting up an appointment was pretty easy. I have been longing to be with an older experienced porn star. Especially, since I have seen her movies and I have been a fan for some time. She was great and I really enjoyed my time with her! She was wearing a really sexy outfit, some sexy lingerie. Got me excited as soon as she opened the door... I felt like I was in good hands. She has a really nice body, huge tits and a fit stomach, she works out for sure....I could tell she was really enjoying herself....This woman is on fire and if you want to experience the ultimate porn star experience, I'd go for it!


Third time now I've seen Keisha and it gets better every time. She is a great lady and well worth seeing.

Wanted something different this time so we had a chat before hand where I described my wants, she was most accommodating.

Again, she just keeps getting better and better and is definitely my ATF.


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