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Sexuality Coaching and Life/Spirituality Coaching

Sexuality Coaching

If you would like guidance in the area of sexuality, I am offering sexuality coaching sessions.

You might ask, what exactly is sexuality coaching? That depends. It will be different for each person. Each session is tailored specifically for your needs. 

One of my foundations of coaching is based on Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent. Please watch this video to get a basic understanding of the Wheel of Consent.

I work with both men and women.

My main coaching focus is on how to enhance your pleasure and bring more sensuality and connection into your bedroom.

I work with a lot of men who are not very experienced or confident in the bedroom and help them with their sensual skills.

(Please take note that I do not work with people struggling with sexual compulsion. If this issues is your challenge, I can provide you with a referral to another coach or therapist that specializes in this area.)

I offer some different types of sexuality coaching sessions.

Pre-Assessment Intake Phone session - My main objective for this phone call is to find out what is your sexual concern, what your needs are, and to see if I would be the person best qualified to serve those needs. This phone call is different from the Introductory phone call and is not deducted from your session fee. This call is to go into detail about your coaching needs to see if we are a good fit for each other.  If I am not a good fit for you, I am more than happy to refer you to another professional who might be better suited to your needs.

Pre-Assessment Intake Phone session:

60 minutes - $​250

Sexuality coaching sessions - these can be done on the phone by Zoom. I work with men, women and couples.

In our Sexuality Coaching sessions, we will discuss where you are in your sexuality and how to create the type of sensual, sexual life you would like to have. During our sessions we will develop an action plan to guide you from where you are now to where you would like to be. During each session, you will be given homework that is to be completed before the next session.

Sexuality Coaching sessions are done by phone or zoom. These coaching session are designed to help you get from where you are now to where you would like to be in your sexuality.

Session Rates for Individual Sexuality Coaching

5 Sessions package - One Payment of $999, or 5 monthly installments of $225

12 Sessions - One payment of $2400, or 6 monthly installments of 450

If you are interested, Please email me at

Please put your first and last name in the Subject line and put "Interested in Coaching Session"

Please let me know what area of your sexuality you are interested in improving, and whether you are interested in talk sessions, experiential sessions or both.

Life/Spirituality Coaching

I have recently noticed a trend of people contacting me because they would like to have a zoom or telephone session with me, that has to do more with life issues other than just their sexuality.

I have been a life long student of personal and spiritual growth, and I have a lot of experience, wisdom and support to share. I have always been that person that people confide in because they know that I am a safe, non-judgmental person and I have a lot of insight and intuition.

I have been studying many forms of intuitive and spiritual healing for many years. Since I was 20 years old, I learned so much from my spiritual teacher, who was like a surrogate father to me for 32 years. He transitioned in May of 2018, and I miss him dearly.

His main teachings were about how to live in self trust and how to be your authentic self. He always would tell people who came to him for help "Don't follow me, let me teach you how to follow yourself. You are the authority for you, and nobody knows what's right for you but you. You learn what is right for you by experimenting and then checking with your gut feeling. And if your gut feeling tells you that something is right for you, then it is right for you, even if a million people tell you that you are wrong."

I've noticed more and more that people are coming to me because they are needing someone that they can talk to about what is currently going on in their lives and they need someone safe to talk to. 

I recognize that they are searching for how to get centered and grounded in their authentic self. They may not put it in those words, but I do see that people are being drawn to me for this reason. Many people have been intuitively drawn to me to help them understand and process things about themselves and their lives.

I will eventually start a separate website as a spiritual healer/counselor, but since people are already being drawn to me through this website for this reason, I felt compelled to start offering these services here.

If you feel like you need to talk with someone about yourself and your life issues and you need someone who is completely safe, caring, kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and confidential, then this service may be for you.

Telephone or Zoom session -

1 hour - 250

5 Sessions package - One Payment of $999, or 5 monthly installments of $225

12 Sessions - One payment of $2400, or 6 monthly installments of $450

Here are some topics you may be interested in exploring in a session:

How to develop your self love and self trust

  • How to build your self confidence
  • Body image issues
  • Eating Disorder issues
  • Feeling confused about your life
  • Wanting to discover your life's purpose
  • Feeling lonely and disconnected
  • Feelings of depression and or anxiety
  • Feeling like you need to be SEEN and HEARD
  • Needing to share your feelings and your truth with a non-judgmental, supportive person
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