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If you have never seen a sacred sensual healer before and are considering coming to see me, I would be very honored to be your first experience. I am very newbie friendly.

I know you are probably nervous about taking the leap and booking your appointment with me. Please know that I have an exquisite talent of making you feel comfortable and relaxed in this situation. You will feel like you are spending time with an old friend. I am a very kind, compassionate and loving person, and I know how to create an incredibly enjoyable experience for you.

If you've been visiting my website for some time now, and have been debating whether or not to book an appointment with me, I encourage you to go for it. I'm always amazed when someone has told me that they have been looking at my site for a year or more and they finally decided to take the plunge. I know you won't be disappointed. I'm very good at what I do.

If you are feeling insecure about coming to see me because you have seen me in movies and think that you don't have a lot in common with my co-stars, I need you to know that I have no interest in comparing you to anyone I have ever spent time with. I have a very compassionate nature, and I am particularly fond of men who are a bit shy or insecure about their sexuality or body.

The only thing that I require in a client is that they treat me with honor and respect. And, of course, I will treat you with honor and respect.

You are a unique individual and we will create a unique experience between the two of us, and it will not be compared with any other experience that I have had prior to our meeting. I will greet you with unconditional love and acceptance. We will create a wonderful sensual experience between the two of us, and for the time we are together, no one else in the universe will even exist. Please be willing to drop all comparisons of yourself to any others and allow yourself to indulge in a wonderful sensual experience with me.

You don't need to bring anything. I will have all the accoutrements that we need to have a fun, sensual and safe experience.

One of the questions that I am often asked by someone who has never seen an escort before is "Do I have to pay for the appointment in advance? Can't I just bring the payment to you on the day of the appointment?".

Unfortunately, in this business, there are a lot of men who like to book appointments, but never show up. In order for me to distinguish between someone who is a flake and someone who is a newbie, but sincere about coming to see me for an appointment, is to require an advance payment.

Once you have had your first appointment, you can bring your payment on the day of your appointment for any future appointments.

The easiest way for me to take advance payment is via PayPal. My PayPal account is under a very discreet name so you don't have to worry about what will show up on your bill.

If for some reason, you would prefer not to make an advance payment via PayPal, another option is making an advance payment with postal money order via overnight mail with a tracking number. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please let us know. When you fill out the appointment request form, in the box that asks for references, just put down that you would like to make an advance payment by postal money order and we will give you the mailing address.

It's important that you plan your appointment at least one week in advance, because I keep my calendar scheduled one week in advance. Be sure to check my current availability schedule - Keisha's Availability Schedule.

Your advance payment is due within 24 hours of your making the appointment request, so please do not book the appointment until you are ready to pay for the appointment. I can always tell who is serious about actually booking an appointment because they will make their payment right away.

In order to weed out who is a serious client and who is a flake, if an appointment request is made and a payment is not received within 24 hours, those requests go into the flake file and those persons will not be allowed to make a future appointment.

When you are ready to make you appointment, please fill out the appointment request form. Be sure to read it carefully and answer each and every question.

After you send your appointment request form, please email us at to let us know you submitted the form. Sometimes the form gets caught up on the server and it's helpful if you let us know you submitted the form so if we didn't receive it, we can pull it off the server. Also, please attach a face photo with this email.

Once we receive your appointment request, Heather will respond and set up the appointment.


After you make your payment, Heather will give you the location information and all the information you need to know about the appointment.


Prior to our appointment, you have the option of having a short get acquainted phone or zoom chat. This way, we get to get a sense of each other's personalities and get to know each other a little. Please know that this is just a friendly chat and it's not appropriate to talk about anything sexually explicit.  

If you have any questions about booking an appointment, you can email my assistant Heather Also, please do not ask any sexually explicit questions.


I am really looking forward to meeting you, so please go ahead and fill out the appointment request form and Heather will get back to you and set up our appointment.


I know you will be very happy that you came to see me. Go ahead, take the plunge, I know you want to.




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