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There are specific qualities and etiquette guidelines that I appreciate in a client to ensure a harmonious and successful experience. By adhering to these expectations, we can foster a respectful, safe, and nurturing environment for our sessions, allowing us both to fully engage in the transformative journey.

1.  The primary qualities I look for in a client are mutual respect and a sense of safety during our time together. By ensuring these elements are present, we can create a nurturing and trusting atmosphere for our sessions. Rest assured that I, too, will treat you with the utmost respect, fostering a genuine connection and positive experience.

2. I kindly request that all communication be conducted in a respectful and courteous manner.  Maintaining a positive and considerate tone ensures that our interactions remain productive and pleasant for both parties.  Please refrain from sending emails containing sexually explicit inquiries or requests to either myself or my assistant. Adhering to this guideline helps maintain a respectful and professional environment. Be aware that failure to comply may result in disqualification from scheduling an appointment.

3. As a sacred sensual healer, I am dedicated to guiding my clients on a transformative journey through deep and profound erotic healing experiences.  In each session, I serve as the giver, while my clients fully embrace the role of the receiver.  My clients exhibit the utmost respect for my time, my boundaries, and my unique approach to facilitating their sensual exploration and healing.

4. My ideal client is a gentle, considerate, and respectful individual who seeks to explore their sensuality and erotic energy. They are eager to utilize this powerful energy for personal growth, fostering a deeper connection with their body and soul. Together, we embark on a transformative journey that encourages self-discovery and inner healing.

5.  I have a special affinity for individuals or couples who may feel a little hesitant or uncertain about their sensuality or physical appearance. It's my passion to create a secure environment for you to discover and embrace your sensuality through the transformative power of sacred sensual healing, tantra, and erotic trance massage. In this space, you can be assured that you are wholly accepted and cherished for your true self. As a naturally loving and nurturing soul, it is my calling to guide and support you on this intimate journey.

6.  I welcome the opportunity to work with men, women, and couples alike to embark on a journey of sensual exploration and awakening through sacred sensual healing. For couples interested in a session, please be aware that my approach is centered around fostering a deeper and more satisfying sensual and erotic connection between partners, rather than a graphic or explicit encounter. My focus lies in facilitating a respectful and nurturing environment that encourages a greater understanding and appreciation of each other's pleasure, sensuality, promoting intimacy and growth in the relationship.

7.  I enthusiastically welcome clients of all ages (18 and older) to join me on this journey. Those who are around my age or older often appreciate the connection and ease of communication with a mature woman, rather than someone significantly younger. Meanwhile, younger gentlemen or women may find the company of an experienced older woman enlightening and transformative, as I can introduce them to a unique form of sensual and erotic awakening. In either case, our shared experience will be enriching and rewarding.

8.  Before reaching out via email with any questions, kindly take the time to carefully read through my website. Most of the information you seek will likely be available there. However, if you still have questions after reviewing the content, please don't hesitate to reach out to my assistant, Heather, who will be more than happy to help.

9. When you feel prepared to schedule an appointment, kindly complete the appointment request form on my website. To facilitate a smooth scheduling experience, it is highly recommended that appointments be booked at least one week in advance. This allows for proper planning and preparation, ensuring that our time together is truly special and transformative.

It is crucial to complete every question on the appointment request form. Pay particular attention to the cancellation policy and ensure that you have read and understood its terms. By submitting the form, you implicitly agree to abide by the cancellation policy, ensuring a smooth and respectful scheduling process for both of us.

10.  Once your appointment has been paid for, we can arrange a brief introductory chat before our meeting, either via phone or Zoom. This conversation allows us to hear each other's voices and gain an understanding of our personalities, fostering a sense of comfort and familiarity. Please note that this call is not intended for sexually explicit content, but rather for building rapport and establishing a connection before our session.

11.  As I have sensitivities to certain scents, it is crucial that you refrain from wearing cologne or scented underarm deodorant during our sessions. Exposure to such fragrances can cause me to experience severe headaches. Your understanding and adherence to this request will help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both of us.

12.  Hygiene is of utmost importance to me, so after our initial conversation, you will be asked to take a brief shower to ensure you are impeccably clean. You will be provided with a washcloth and soap for your use. It is essential to utilize both the washcloth and soap, as using your hand and soap alone may not provide thorough enough cleansing.  As previously mentioned, I have a heightened sensitivity to scents, making it vital that you are exceptionally clean during our session. While it is not necessary to wet your hair, please use the soap and washcloth diligently on your underarms, genitals, and particularly your behind. This attention to detail will contribute to a pleasant experience for both of us. I will kindly remind you of the shower etiquette right before you take your shower.  I will also provide mouthwash for you to use during your visit. This additional step in maintaining good hygiene contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both of us as we engage in our session.

13.  To familiarize yourself with the etiquette to be followed during our session, please take the time to read the "How It Works" section on my website. Adhering to these guidelines ensures a respectful, comfortable, and enjoyable experience as we explore the transformative aspects of sacred sensual healing together.

14.  Maintaining well-defined professional boundaries with my clients is of great importance to me.

  • I am unable to engage in social activities with clients outside of our scheduled sessions. This includes refraining from sharing meals with clients, even as a part of our session. Our time together will be exclusively focused on the transformative experience within the confines of our designated session space.

  • I am unable to offer overnight sessions, nor do I accompany clients on their travels.

  • The maximum duration for an appointment is 4 hours, allowing us to fully engage in the transformative experience while maintaining the integrity of our professional boundaries.

15.  As my approach to sacred sensual healing does not involve fulfilling fantasies, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accommodate specific wardrobe requests during our session. While I appreciate your desire for a particular attire, my focus remains on providing a transformative and authentic experience, rather than one that caters to preconceived notions or desires. I hope you understand my commitment to maintaining a professional and respectful environment during our session.


16. If you are seeking erotic specialties such as domination, role-play, or fetish play, please note that I do not offer these types of services. My primary focus is centered around the transformative power of sacred sensual healing, guiding clients through a journey of self-discovery and personal growth by connecting with their sensuality and erotic energy in a respectful and nurturing environment.

My sessions are not centered around fantasy fulfillment. Instead, they emphasize authentic connection and exploration of erotic and sensual awakening and healing through the practice of sacred sensual healing. My intention is to forge a genuine bond with you as we embark on this transformative journey together. If this resonates with you, then I am the perfect companion to guide you through this intimate and enriching experience.

17.  Following your initial session with me, you may contact my assistant, Heather, via email to express your desire to schedule another appointment. It is not necessary to fill out the appointment request form again, although you are welcome to do so if you prefer. Please note that same-day appointments are not available, and my schedule typically fills up at least one week in advance. Therefore, it is essential to book your appointment well in advance to ensure availability.

18.  I kindly request that texting be used solely for booking appointments. I do not engage in or permit sexually explicit texting. If you feel the urge to connect with me in a non-appointment-related manner, kindly reach out via email instead of text. Please reserve texting for appointment booking purposes only.


I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful clients. I find great joy in assisting individuals on their journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening, fostering a deep connection between us during our sessions. Witnessing the transformative power of sacred sensual healing in action is a fulfilling and rewarding experience, and the happiness and satisfaction of my clients is my ultimate goal. I cherish the beautiful connections I create with my clients, and I am passionate about cultivating a nurturing and respectful environment for them to explore their sensuality.

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