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There are certain things I look for in a client and certain etiquette that needs to be followed.

1. The main two things that I look for in a client is that you treat me with the utmost respect and that are you a safe person to spend time with. In turn, I will treat you with the utmost respect.

2. Please make sure that all of your email correspondence is polite in nature.

Please do not email me or my assistant with any sexually explicit questions or requests. You will automatically be disqualified for an appointment if you do. 

3. My fees are for my time only. If anything else happens it is a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults. Anything implied or inferred within these pages is not to be taken as an inducement for payment for anything other than my time.

4. My typical client is a sweet, mild mannered, respectful gentleman who is interested in exploring his sensuality, and experiencing a genuine connection with me. He is respectful of me, my time and my boundaries.  

I have a particular fondness for men or women who are a bit shy or insecure about their sexuality or body. I love providing a safe place for you to explore your sensuality and awaken sexually through the practice of tantra, and erotic trance massage, where you know that you are completely accepted for who you are. I am by nature a loving and nurturing person. 

5. I work with men, women and couples. If you are a couple seeking a session with me, please keep in mind that my sessions focus on tantric sexual awakening and are not a porno-style three-way.

6. I see clients of all ages (21 and older). Gentlemen and women who are around my age or older appreciate spending time with a mature woman that they can communicate with more easily than with someone who is young enough to be their daughter or granddaughter. Gentlemen or women who are younger than me often enjoy the company of an older woman who can bring a new type kind of sexual awakening into their life.

7. Please read my website thoroughly before emailing my assistant with any questions. Most questions you might have will be answered by reading the website first. If you still have questions, please feel free to email my Assistant Heather and ask.

8. When you are ready to book an appointment, please fill out the appointment request form. You must book your appointment a minimum of one week in advance, so please plan ahead.

It is essential that you fill out every question on the form. It is especially important that you read and agree to the cancellation policy. By filling out the form, you are automatically agreeing to the cancellation policy.

9. After you book your appointment, you can have a short get acquainted chat prior to our meeting. This gives us a chance to hear each other's voices and get a sense of each other's personalities before we meet. This is not a sexually explicit phone call.

10. I have scent sensitivities, so it's very important that you do not wear cologne or scented underarm deodorant. (Those things give me a bad headache.)

11. Hygiene is extremely important to me, so, after you arrive for your appointment, you will take a short shower so that you are squeaky clean. When you shower, you will be given a washcloth and soap. Please use both the washcloth and soap. It has been my experience that you can not get clean enough just using your hand and soap alone without the washcloth.

As I mentioned before I am very scent sensitive, so it is imperative to me that you are extremely clean. You don't have to get your hair wet, but please use the soap and washcloth very thoroughly on your underarms, genitals and especially your behind. This way, we will both be very happy. I will go over the shower etiquette again right before you take a shower.

I will have mouthwash that you will use as well.

12. For etiquette during the session, please read the How It Works Session

13. It is very important for me to keep well-defined professional boundaries with my clients.

- I do not socialize with my clients outside of our session. I do not go out to meals with my clients (not even as part of our session). Our session will take place behind closed doors only.

 - I do not do overnight sessions and I do not travel with my clients.

- My maximum appointment time is 4 hours.

14. I do not take specific wardrobe requests.

15. If you are looking for erotic specialties such as domination, role-play, or fetish play, I do not provide these types of services.

My sessions are not fantasy focused. They are focused on each of us being ourselves and exploring sexual awakening and healing through the practice of tantra, erotic trance massage and sacred sensual healing. It is my intention to make a genuine connection with you. If that is what you are looking for, then I am the woman for you.  

16. After you have had your first appointment with me, you may email my assistant Heather and let her know you would like to see me again. It is not necessary to fill out the form again, but it is ok to do so if you like. Please know that I am unable to take same day appointments. My schedule usually books up 3-4 days ahead of time, so be sure to book your appointment a few days in advance.

17. Texting is for booking appointments only. I do not engage in or allow sexually explicit texting. If you are just thinking of me and want to say hi, I'd prefer if you email me rather than text. Please text me only to book an appointment.


I am so lucky that I attract the most wonderful clients. I love my clients and I love my work. I love helping people explore their sensuality and sexual awakening. I love the beautiful connection that I have with my clients during our session. It makes me really happy, and I love making my clients happy.

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