Keisha - Sacred Sensual Healer and Coach -
Sexuality Coaching

If you would like guidance in the area of sexuality, I am offering sexuality coaching sessions.

You might ask, what exactly is sexuality coaching?  That depends.  It will be different for each person.  Each session is tailored specifically for your needs.

I work with men and women individually and I also work with couples.

My main coaching focus is on how to enhance your pleasure and bring more sensuality and connection into your bedroom.

I work with a lot of men who are not very experienced or confident in the bedroom and help them with their sensual skills.

(Please take note that I do not work with people struggling with sexual compulsion.   If this issues is your challenge, I can provide you with a referral to another coach or therapist that specializes in this area.)

I offer some different types of sexuality coaching sessions.

Pre-Assessment Intake Phone session - My main objective for this phone call is to find out what is your sexual concern, what your needs are, and to see if I would be the person best qualified to serve those needs.

Pre-Assessment Intake Phone session:
30 minutes - 100

Talk sessions - these can be done on the phone by skype or in person.  I work with men, women and couples.  

In our talk sessions, we will discuss where you are in your sexuality and how to create the type of sensual, sexual life you would like to have. During our sessions we will develop an action plan to guide you from where you are now to where you would like to be.  During each session, you will be given homework that is to be completed before the next session.

Talk sessions are done with our clothes on and there will be no physical interaction between us in these sessions (if they are in person).  And if we are talking on the phone or doing a skype session, please realize this is not a fantasy session.  It's strictly a coaching session designed to help you get from where you are now to where you would like to be in your sexuality.

Talk Session Rates:
1 hour - 200
4 Sessions - 700 (175 per session)
8 Sessions - 1320 (165 per session)

Experiential Sexuality Coaching is done in person and in the bedroom is a combination of talk and hands on coaching.

Experiential sessions:
1 hours - 600
1.5 hours - 750
2 hours - 900
3 hours - 1300
4 hours - 1700

2 hours - 600
3 hours - 900
4 hours - 1300

If you are interested in setting up your coaching sessions with me, please email me at

Please put your first and last name in the Subject line and put "Interested in Coaching Session"

Please let me know what area of your sexuality you are interested in improving, and whether you are interested in talk sessions, experiential sessions or both.