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 The photo above is a photo of me at my incall location in Tarzana.   I have an beautiful atmosphere to appeal to all your senses.  There is very sensual lighting, luxurious sheets and sensual music.

Before you make an appointment, please review my website and be sure to read my What is Tantra?

If it is your first time booking with me, please make your appointment at least a day in advance.  If you have seen me within the last couple of years, a same day appointment might be possible with 4 or more hours notice.

Once you've decided that you would like to make an appointment, please fill out the appointment request form on the Make An Appointment page, for Los Angeles or if you are in New York please fill out the form on this page Keisha - New York. Please fill out the form thoroughly.

Please note that by filling out the form, you are agreeing to my cancellation policy.

My assistant Heather will get back to you via e-mail as quickly as she possibly can.

After Heather does the screening and checks your references, you and I can have a get acquainted phone call prior to our meeting. 

I am newbie friendly, so don't worry if you have never seen a provider before and don't have any references.  The most important thing that I look for in the gentlemen that come to see me is if they are respectful.  If you are a newbie, please read my page For The Newbie.

If don't have 2 current references from providers you have previously seen, within the last 12 months, you will be required to pay for your appointment in advance via PayPal/credit card or cash or money order via overnight mail with a package tracking number.  (There is a 10% service charge for payments via PayPal). 

Also, if I am running a special, prepayment is required for the special rate.

Once you inform me that you would like to pay via PayPal/credit card, I will send you a request from my PayPal account.  If you don't want to pay via PayPal, then you can send a U.S.postal money order (not a bank money order or any other money order other than a postal money order ) via overnight mail, with a package tracking number.  If you want to pay by this option, please let Heather know and she will send you the address to send the postal money order to.

Once we have had our introductory phone call, Heather will give you the location information.

When you arrive at my incall location, I will greet you at the door and guide you into my temple of sensuality.

Please have your gratitude payment in an unsealed envelope there is a little tray in the bedroom that to put that envelope.

I love a freshly clean man, so I will have you take a shower and use some mouth wash.   I know you like to be fresh and clean too.

There is a place to hang up your clothes and after your shower, you can put on a fresh clean robe and you can join me in the bedroom.

As part of the tantra healing ritual, we will have an intake about what what to expect from our time together, and address any boundaries, fears and that you may have. I want to make sure that I provide you with a very relaxing, session in which you can experience a conscious sexual awakening.

Our session will start with a sensual tantra touch session.  

So many men are so used to being givers and having to "perform".  In my session you are invited to let go of performing and just be in the moment an allow yourself to relax and receive. 

We'll start you lying face down and I'll sensually touch every part of our body on your back side, and then you can turn over and I will sensually touch every part of you on your front side and giving you a very special massage where it feels the best.

I have discovered that most men thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to just relax, let go and be pampered.  So many of my clients tell me how wonderful it is to just take all the pressure off themselves and just allow me take care of them while they relax and receive an amazing sacred sensual healing/tantra session.  

I hope to provide you with a sensual and exciting experience where you can escape form the pressures of your life and have a little mini vacation which will give you a fresh perspective.

After our session is concluded, you are more than welcome to take a shower afterwards as well.

A word about our time together.  Our session needs to conclude within the time that you have paid for.  If you decide that you would like to stay longer, there will be an additional charge of $50 for each additional 10 minutes.  This applies even if we are just hanging out and talking, because I charge for my time, not the activities that we engage in.  

After our time together, It would really make me happy if you would write a testimonial that I can post on my website. Please email your testimonial to
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