Keisha - Sacred Sensual Healer and Coach -

My health and safety are very important to me, as I’m sure yours is to you, so I am only offering appointments to clients who are practicing responsible social distancing.
I have been staying at home since March 15, have been practicing social distancing and wearing a mask whenever I’m out in public, which is very rarely. I have most things that I need delivered, so that I can limit my exposure to the outside world.

If you have been keeping yourself safe, healthy and protected this pandemic, then I would be willing to see you.
It’s not easy to get our touch needs met during a time like this, so I’m happy to be able to provide a safe place to get some nurturing and connection.
Also, if you are not comfortable with an in person session, I do provide telephone sessions and video sessions via Zoom.

If you would like to see me in person, you need to be able to answer "no" to questions 1-9:

1.  Do you have a fever or above normal temperature?

2.  Are you experiencing shortness of breath/trouble breathing?

3.  Do you have a dry cough?

4. Have you recently had reduced or lost sense of smell/taste?

5.  Do you have a sore throat?

6.  Are you experiencing chills or repeated shaking with chills?

7.  Do you have unexplained muscle pain?

8.  Do you have a headache?

9. Even if you don't have any of the above symptoms, have you experienced any of them within the last 14 days?

10.  Have you been tested for COVID-19 within the last 14 days? 

If yes, what was the result?

11.  Have you traveled more than 150 miles from you home in the last 14 days?